Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Swimming in the Arctic Ocean

OK I am assuming whales do not come close to the Arctic Ocean shore in August. The last time I swam with these colossal creatures was when I race walked around the Big Island of Hawaii. So I will dive again into the almost icy Arctic waters just to do it. { In 2005 I had an Arctic plunge off Point Barrow, Ak]

Swimming in the Arctic Ocean

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8 thoughts on “Swimming in the Arctic Ocean

  1. Congratulations on starting your dream walk:) Hopefully all goes well on your adventure in alaska. Let us know if you need a new pair of shoes, and we’ll see you in the “walking city” soon!
    Vanessa & Matt:)

  2. Good luck with your Alaskan adventure!  Make sure you take lots of good pictures since you’ll be in places not many people ever go to.  Be safe and I’ll see you in November.

  3. Best of luck with stage 1.? Since I\’ve been here in Juneau visiting, I\’ve noticed it is a bit warm up there around Fairbanks.? Just remember, there are plenty of cool streams to hop in to if the \”heat\” gets to you.? It was great to meet an interesting gentleman like you on the plane to Seattle.? My wife and I will be cheering you on thoughout your stages.
    Best Wishes,
    Drs. Brent and Abby Carnathan

  4. Hi! I finally got around to checking out your website. Wow!!! Good luck and I hope you are doing great! All the best, Michele

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