Friday, January 31st, 2014

Gator Humidity


It had rained significantly over the last few days. This was somewhat unusual for this time in south, south Florida. Today the sun was up and sky clear. Oops! The humidity lingers making the walking slow.
After completing route 997 south for the Miccosukee Indian Casino the heavy traffic on route 1 makes me nauseous so I take a parallel side road known as Card Sound Road. But the shoulder less, two lane, highway still made the walking challenging. As cars and trucks sped past I jumped on to a narrow grass strip separating the road from the Everglades swamp.
Crocodiles or alligators of all sizes jumped from their nearby perches, apparently spooked by me, splashing violently into the murky swamp canal. Cowardly, I did not follow them for the dip despite the awful humidity!


Gator Humidity

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