All of my walking adventures around the world have been proceeded by thorough planning. I research guide books, maps, routes, internet commentary and ultimately have actual conversations with people on the ground in the locations I will be visiting to obtain insight into travel issues and potential obstacles.

For My Dream Walk the planning was significant taking about six months to complete. I started by drawing a diagonal line from Point Barrow, Alaska to Key West, Florida. I recalled that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. My plan began then by identifying small, not heavily traveled, roads along this line which were suitable for walking. I was not successful in following the diagonal line exactly but it served as my guiding light for the route.

Along the North Slope of Alaska I of course discovered there were no roads. Well, except in the winter where there were often difficult to find ice roads. So they too became a target to conquer.

As My Dream Walk progressed I did digress from the original itinerary as I discovered routes on the ground more accommodating to walking or more convenient to my effort to avoid heavy vehicle traffic.

And that is the story of my itinerary!

STAGE 1 – Point Barrow, AK To Deadhorse, AKCompleted 5/5/2015 This route follows the winter ice road

  • Start: Point Barrow, Alaska
  • Elson Lagoon [frozen in winter]
  • Nuiqsut, Alaska
  • End: Deadhorse, Alaska

Stage 2 – Deadhorse, AK to Livengood, AKCompleted 8/15/2006 This route follows the Dalton Highway from north to south

  • Start: Deadhorse, Alaska
  • Coldfoot Camp , AK [Mile 175 Dalton Highway]
  • Yukon River Camp [Mile 54 Dalton Highway]
  • End: Livengood, AK

Stage 3 – Livengood, AK To Alaska Yukon Border crossing on Route #2 Alaska HighwayCompleted 8/3/2007

  • Start: Livengood, AK
  • Fairbanks, AK
  • North Pole, AK
  • Delta Junction, AK
  • Tok, AK
  • End: Alaska Yukon border crossing on Alaska Highway

Stage 4 Alaska Yukon border crossing on Alaska Highway to junction route 37 British ColumbiaCompleted 8/6/2008

  • Start: Alaska Yukon border crossing Alaska Highway
  • Beaver Creek
  • Burnwash Landing
  • Haines Junction
  • Stoney Creek Camp
  • Whitehorse
  • Jakes Corners
  • Teslin Lake
  • Ranchiera
  • End: Junction route 37 at Alaska Highway

Stage 5 Junction route 37 Yukon at Alaska Highway to Bell 11 British ColumbiaCompleted 7/8/2009

  • Start: Junction route 37 at Alaska Highway, Yukon Territory
  • Jade City, British Columbia
  • Dease Lake
  • Tattoga
  • Bob Quinn Lake
  • End: Bell 11

Stage 6 Bell 11 British Columbia to US Border Washington StateCompleted 8/2/2010

  • Start: Bell 11 on route 37 the Stewart-Cassiar Highway
  • Meziadin Junction
  • Kitwanga junction 37 and Yellowhead Highway
  • Hazelton
  • Smithers
  • Houston
  • Burns Lake
  • Prince George
  • Quesnel
  • Clinton
  • Cache Creek
  • Boston Bar
  • Hope
  • Silver Lake Provincial Park
  • End: Ross Lake, B.C. Border crossing at Washington Srate

Stage 7 Ross Lake, B.C. Border crossing at Washington Srate to Worley, Idahocompleted 5/24/2011

  • Start: Ross Lake, B.C. Border crossing at Washington Srate
  • Winthrop, Washington
  • Elmer City
  • Spokane
  • End: Worley, Idaho

Stage 8 Worley, Idaho to Casper, Wyomingcompleted 9/14/2011

  • Start: Worley, idaho
  • Missoula, Montana
  • Ennis Big Sky
  • Graybull
  • Shoshoni
  • End: Casper, Wyoming

Stage 9 Casper, Wyoming to Beatrice, Nebraskacompleted 7/27/2012

  • Start: Casper, Wyoming
  • Chadron, Nebraska
  • Grand Island, Nebraska
  • Lincoln
  • End: Beatrice, Nebraska

Stage 10 Beatrice, Nebraska to Cassville, MissouriCompleted 10/30/2014

  • Start: Beatrice, Nebraska
  • Junction City, Kansas
  • El Dorado
  • Parsons, Kansas
  • End: Cassville, Missouri

Stage 11 Cassville, Missouri to Greenville, Mississippi

  • Start: Cassville, Missouri
  • Harrison, Arkansas
  • Hot Springs
  • Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  • End: Greenville, Mississippi

Stage 12 Greenville, Mississippi to Dothan, AlabamaCompleted 3/24/2014

  • Start: Greenville, Mississippi
  • Columbus, Mississippi
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Montgomery
  • End: Dothan, Alabama

Stage 13 Dothan, Alabama to Naples, Floridacompleted 2/24/14

  • Start: Dothan, Alabama
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Tampa
  • Port Charlotte
  • End: Naples, Florida

Stage 14 Naples, to Key West, Florida

  • Start: Naples, Florida
  • Shark Valley Visitors Center route 41
  • Miami
  • Homestead
  • Marathon
  • Key West
  • End